Ilustracion by Jake

My mother was and always will be my greatest artistic influence. Though an interior designer, she could turn anything into art; an ordinary umbrella would take flight as a parasol, billowing with hand-sewn ruffles.

She created an entire ensemble - a flowing Hawaiian white grass skirt stitched with red strings of flowers, paired with matching red top, and a bead-and-sea-shell interlaced necklace - just for a school dance! When I was about five, she made me an organza terno with gold lace, leaves, and cabbage roses for a Santa Cruzan Mayflower festival. Her artistry changed the way I saw the world. My grandfather, who was an architect, was also a great source of inspiration. Growing up, I would see the rolls of his hand-drawn exterior elevations on canvas with capiz windows and wrought iron balustrada. I always thought that maybe I too could draw these kinds of architectural sketches; and now, here I am, constantly sketching away.

After my mom was taken too soon, my aunt and uncle gave me a lifetime gift: my education at College of the Holy Spirit, where I earned my BFA in Interior Design. The Ilustracion logo, an Italian Renaissance Dante chair, was developed from my thesis, “Period Styles of Furniture.”

I am fortunate to have travelled and lived in several Asian countries: from the Philippines, to Hong Kong, working for Steelcase and Knoll, to Brunei, setting up a Scandinavian furniture showroom. Of all the places I have worked, the most dear to me is Singapore, a wonderfully eclectic and fast-paced island, city, and country. There I was able to design and work for many companies, designing furniture for Omnia, the supplier for the famous Raffles Hotel, creating high-end residential interior design under I&T Interiors, and working with designer CKT Thomas for public spaces like Tan Tock Seng Hospital and numerous children’s libraries. The competitive atmosphere constantly kept my adrenaline pumping. Plus, the food is just divine and the ubiquity of British Colonial architecture never failed to take my breath away.

Eventually I found a home in California, starting my career here as a draftsman with the Pasadena-based designer JF Interiors. Today, I am blessed with my own company, wonderful clients whose spaces and unique visions for their interiors keep me creative and on my toes, and my amazing staff who support me and steadfastly weather my long hours and meticulousness.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website - we’ve put our hearts into every project.